Tk.10/-; Tk.50/-;  Tk.100/-;  Tk-500/-;  Tk.1000/-;  Tk.5000/;  Tk.10,000/;  Tk.25,000/;  Tk.50,000/-;   Tk.1,00,000/-;  Tk.5,00,000/-  &  Tk.10,00,000/-.

Issue Office: 

National Savings Bureau, Bangladesh Bank, Schedule Banks and Post offices.

Who can purchase:

(a) A certificate may be purchased by any of the following, Namely- i) a single adult; ii) a minor; iii) two adults in their joint names; iv) an adult on behalf of- a single minor, two minor jointly, himself/herself and a minor jointly and any lunatic of whom he is the guardian or manager appointed by a court of law.  

(b) Recognized provident fund as defined in sub-rule (2) of rule-49 of the Income Tax Rules, 1984 (Part-II) and those governed by the provident funds Act. 1925 (XIX of 1925);

(c) Any income from Fisheries, Poultry, Production of pelleted poultry feed, Production of seeds, Marketing of locally produced seeds, Cattle farming, Dairy farming, Horticulture, Frog farming, Mushroom farming, Floriculture and Sericulture can purchase. But subject to condition that persons will produce a certificate from the concerned Deputy Commissioner of taxes stating that the persons have income from such sources.

Purchase Limit: 

a) Maximum Taka 30 lac for single individual and Taka 60 lac for jointly.

b) No limit for recognized provident fund in descried as above.

c) No limit for institutions in descried as above.

Duration:  3 Years

Rate of Profit:  11.04% (on maturity)

Table-1: Rate of profit

Time period(On completion of) Rate of Profit Payable with profit per Tk.1,00,000/=
1st year 10.00% 1,10,000/=
2nd year 10.50% 1,21,000/=
3rd year 11.04 % 1,33,120/=

Note: Installment(s) at 3-months interval against every investment in 3-Monthly Profit Bearing Sanchayapatra will be paid at the highest total rate of 11.04% i. e. Taka 2,760 (Two thousand seven hundred sixty) only. In case of early redemption, profit will be paid at the rate shown in table-1. Excess paid amount (If any) as 3-monthly installment shall be adjusted by deducting from the principal amount.

Table-2: Denomination-wise profit:

Investment amount (Taka) 3-monthly Profit amount (Taka)
1 2
a) 1,00,000.00 2,760.00
b) 2,00,000.00 5,520.00
c) 5,00,000.00 13,800.00
d) 10,00,000.00 27,600.00

N.B: In case of premature encashment, profit will be paid by yearly basis and the excess paid amount will be adjusted from principal amount.

Duration: 5 Years

Rate of Profit: 11.28% (on maturity)

Table-1: Year-wise profit rate with SSP

Time period (On completion of) Rate of profit  Payable with profit per Tk.100
1st year 9.35% 109.35
2nd year 9.80% 119.60
3rd year 10.25 % 130.75
4th year 10.75% 143.00
5th year 11.28% 156.40

Other features:

  • This Savings Certificate can be purchased by all classes of Bangladeshi people.
  • Nominee can be appointed.
  • Duplicate Sanchayapatra may be issued in case of theft, missing or damaged.
  • In case of death of the holder, Nominee can encash the Sanchayapatra at any time as per his/her wish.
  • No profit is payable if the Sanchayapatra is encashed before one year.
  • Auto-reinvestment facility is available.
  • Sanchayapatra can be transferred from one issue office to another issue office (Savings Bureau to Savings Bureau, Post office to Post office and Bank to Bank);
  • It is compulsory to submit photocopy of National Identity Card or passport Birth certificate with the purchase form.
  • Social Security Premium (SSP) will be applicable only for mature redemption. 

Government Excise Duty For Bank Deposits ( As of July , 2020 )

We would like to remind you that all the banks operating in Bangladesh are bound to deduct Excise Duty
from each of the customer accounts (savings, current, loan or other accounts) held with the bank as per the
instruction of National Board of Revenue (NBR) according to NBR’s circular. This means, for example, if
a customer maintains a savings account with a bank and also has a loan account; Excise Duty will be
applicable on both the accounts separately.